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“Toughness doesn’t have to come in a pinstriped suit.”- Dianne Feinstein

This print has stood the test of time and is seen being donned more than before and even lost their connotations of being gangster ( you remember the Goodfellas? ) or preferred by senior bankers. By now you’re confident about your suit choices having looked at how you can go about picking your first suit. One thing is certain, you’re now on your third suit having acquired your two classic suits; gray and navy blue suit. This suit exudes confidence, professionalism, and flashiness thus so great for important meetings. Pinstriped suits exude a subtle, old school elegance. In warmer climate, you will prefer a lighter gray, lightest weight wool, slightly more casual suit for your third acquisition. The suit can also be worn out of office but it wouldn’t be a great idea for a drink with the guys after a long working day. If you decide to go for the pinstriped suit there are a few rules that go with it.


Pinstriped suits are well known although majority of the people tend to confuse them with the chalk stripes .You are probably wondering what the difference is, pinstripes usually are represented by thin threads while chalk stripes are usually more thick stripes  resembling a line made by the tailor’s chalk. The difference can also be derived from the material of the fabric .There’s also a similar striped suit; the rope stripe. This pattern has a gentle weave and creates a spiral effect. Also, the rope stripe pattern is broader than the pinstriped and nearly identical to the chalk stripes. Style-wise, vertical lines may be most preferred as it creates a slimming effect safe to say it’s not advisable for tall guys and they would rather go for chalk stripes.


All stripes look great when worn, but choosing the stripe that suits you is a major key, I doubt Jay- z has this yet. Chalks stripes tend to be wider than pinstripes and can emphasize girth thus avoid them if you are large. On the flipside narrow stripes gives the optical illusion that one is taller than they really are. When buying a pinstriped suit, the first thing to consider is the weight of the stripe. Traditionally the thin stripes are widely preferred; however, your build and weight have a role to play too. It is important to understand how the width influences the overall outlook. While thin stripes make one to appear slimmer, wide stripes create a louder look thus the illusion of adding more weight.



Unlike what it was initially these types of suits are no longer considered only on regular office jobs; 9-5. They can go well in business meetings but at the same time wouldn’t cut it for a black-tie event or even going out clubbing. It is also key to remember that gray, navy and charcoal with either gray or white stripes are considered formal safe to say colored stripes suit casual affairs. The pinstriped suit has undergone a revolution though as it has become a style preferred by the most stylish men in the street style world thus it ability to be donned in informal circles.



Mixing patterns is not easy and if you’ve never tried it before, you should stick to pairing your pinstripe suit with solid colors. If you choose to take the risk, do mix patterns carefully .Try to stick to the ‘two out of three’ rule ;pair your pinstriped suit with a patterned shirt and solid tie or with a solid shirt and patterned tie. Or lose the tie altogether. The pattern of the shirt shouldn’t overpower the suit-if the suit has bold stripes, choose a shirt that has fine or light stripes. Also, the scale of the stripes on both the shirt with small checks that won’t compete with the stripes on your suit. When it comes to picking the right tie for your outfit you will prefer polka dot and checked ones should be your go to and to add some oomph you may add a matching pocket square to look chic. Due to its ability to attract attention as a fashion statement by itself you may want to tone down the accessories to avoid overdoing .Accessories are meant to enhance your look and for this suit you don’t want to take away attention from your suit. For something more traditional, go with the accessories that made the pinstripe suit infamous French cuffs and cufflinks.


One crucial thing to remember is the suits fit. This especially goes without saying for the pinstriped suit as the stripes would look irregular thus giving a negative silhouette. For the jacket, keep the suit tailored in the midsection and shoulders. To save you from all this, it’s important to invest in a good tailor who knows your body well, he’ll save you hours of time you would  sweat trying to find the perfect fit or better still resize it if you buy your suits off the rack. That marks the end of our pinstriped suit collection segment. Now go out there and rock that suit like a pro!

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