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It’s a minute since we were chopping it up my dapper brothers and if you’re new welcome to the family, but sometimes we all need a break don’t we? Yes, that’s what happens when you need to clear your head but good thing
we’re back with some great energy.


What are we talking about?

Initially Inspired by Italian and English tailoring traditions this pattern is easier to wear and more versatile: when styled properly they can be worn to any formal, work or social setting so whether you’re looking to elevate your weekday look or intending to attend some special event there’s never been a better time to dip into these patterns. It takes some confidence to make a move to don plaid suits but you should not be afraid of wearing a plaid suit. One thing that should be at the back of your mind is that however sartorial you may seem if you lack confidence in your attire you’ll always feel wrong and off, safe to say you should have some confidence in what you pick to wear, in this case plaid.

One thing for sure s that this fabric has some old fashion connotation attached to it but has made a comeback with much emphasis on the fit giving it a modern look. Imagine your grandad’s suit in this era. Makes sense?

You don’t want to walk around looking like an old man, as lamuchacho gents we know the importance of a fitting suit. You can shop with us a get to rock your suit like a pro.



Having the aforementioned information it’s advised that you be aware of the details of your plaid suit as they vary, let’s delve into the intricacies of this.

  • Windowpane – This consists of square patterns either thick or thin stripes arranged in a grid style that looks like a windowpane. Windowpane exists in subtle varieties so it’s good for starters if you’re trying this print for the first time.

“It’s easier to pull off than you think. Subtlety be damned, the exploded print –for full effect – should be balanced out with smaller scale patterns like dots, pinstripes, and even the loud paisley and florals we’ve been seeing a lot lately.” – G.Q Style

“Matching your windowpane suit may prove tricky but it’s easier to highlight the color of your suit jacket by wearing a shirt or sweater from the same color family. Better yet you may want to play up the base color of the suit by recruiting a similar color tie.” – Santana



  • Glen Plaid – Originally favored by royalty this print comes in many designs; it ups the pattern quotient and often incorporates a stripe or two of color for added impact. Just like the windowpane they can come in different sizes from small to brash. Moreover, glen plaids can often incorporate a windowpane of color for gents who want to turn heads. This pattern is also called the prince of wales. It’s the most iconic of all suiting patterns and something you may also consider for a start.



  • Guncheck – You know what’s funny about this pattern? it originally descended from the shooting clubs and lodges in the 1800’s partly influencing the name. You don’t need to own a twelve-gauge to add this pattern to your style arsenal. It incorporates a smaller grid pattern and two colors to give it a gingham-like effect (striped in a light and a bold color). It may seem like a daunting task to match it but the smaller scale makes it easy to treat it like a solid color.




By now if you’ve been a lamuchacho gent you are able to tell how to go about this. You’ll realize that styling a plaid suit may be more of a fashion risk than you imagined. Finding confidence with plaid suits begins with wearing the right fit. A great, tailored fit will keep this style out your grand dads closet and into a more modern and sexy style.


“Putting on a beautifully designed suit elevates my spirit, extols my sense of self, and helps define me as a man to whom details matter.”  –  Gay Tales



“Like every good man, I strive for perfection, and like every ordinary man, I have found that perfection is out of reach but not the perfect suit.” – Edward Tivnan



For starters let the suit speak for itself and try pair it with a crisp, solid dress shirt and a solid or very subtly patterned tie or if you are a dapper brother like me, you’d go for the pattern on pattern for a look that takes all the armatures to class, yes you’ve got the game on lock already. Don’t you? Just remember to keep the patterns in different scales and balance out the boldness of the plaid in your suit with smaller scale patterns in your shirt and tie. So, something like a micro windowpane shirt paired with a thinly striped or foulard patterned tie are great for a start. With a plaid suit, the suit is the center of attention so stay simple when picking a matching shoe. Match them to your belt, and stick with simple laced up oxfords, better still for a modern look, desert boots are a good choice and for the youthful gent a pair of vans or converse would do the trick. Adding a plain pocket square can add some class to any suit, but beware of overdoing it; don’t use too many patterned prints, its best to keep it subtle when accessorizing or you may overwhelm the eye.

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