Are double breasted suits still considered stylish? Around your circle of dapper friends how often do you see them don double-breasted suits? Well, they are quite popular in the moment but in a slim fit giving that sophisticated and attractive feel. From our previous discussions you’ll realize that by now you are on your fourth or fifth suit, looking into your closet right now it’s safe to call yourself a dapper gentleman what we refer to as lamuchacho gent on our side. I know by now questions are lingering in your mind concerning this type of suit, what it is and how to go about it but there’s no need to panic let us break it down.

The traditional double-breasted suit is usually made of six by two button design along the front suit. The classic design has a secret button in the inner panel of the left side of the jacket known as the anchor button that keeps it closed and flat as it adds to providing a slim fit double breast suit. Some have six to eight buttons (classic) while others have two to four buttons; suitable for short gentlemen. Regardless of the number of buttons always leave the bottom button unfastened but button the bottom interior button. Generally they look more presentable when always buttoned but rules are there to be bent. Rock yours like a professional.

On the flipside the single-breasted suit is also popular .Single breasted suits have one to three buttons lining the front of the suit instead of four to eight as a double-breasted suit does. The single-breasted can have a notch, peak or shawl lapels, unlike double breasted which only come with peak or shawl lapels. The most generic lapel for the single is the notch lapel, and the peak for the double-breasted. The main difference between the two lays in how formal the suit is. The double-breasted suit jacket is more formal than a single-breasted jacket. A double-breasted suit comes in handy and it’s advisable to keep one for formal and business occasions. With the buttons almost forming neat columns on the two panels of the suit, these buttons can act as an extra decoration to the suit.

The key thing to consider while donning a double-breasted jacket is the fit. It’s advisable to settle for a slimmer fit especially for taller gentlemen. Imagine a tall guy in an ill-fitting double-breasted pinstriped suit; one thing is certain you don’t want to be that guy. It should be tailored to fit your body just to achieve that perfect silhouette, one reason to keep one great tailor who understands your body. When buttoning you D.B suit and it gives you difficulty it’s time to realize it’s too small , the jacket should be buttoned comfortably not too tight and also not too loose. The length of the sleeves of the jacket should reach the middle of the palm; anything longer kills the whole look. Every great double-breasted suit needs a matching pair of dress pants to finish off the look.

Apart from the fit there are a few other intricacies that determine how proper you D.P suit should look on you and each nugget contribute to the overall statement your suit should convey.


When it comes to buttons, they act both as accents and functions of a suit. You should always have the bottom buttons buttoned with the top an optional style. Choosing a color for your suit can be a daunting task especially if suits are not just your cup of tea but you need a D.B suit in your closet. The color can make or break your intended look. I would settle for a white D.B suit jacket and match it with navy blue dress pants. The light and airy look makes this color suitable for sunny days or warm weather too.



You may also opt to don a double-breasted pinstripe suit; this is the ultimate classic style. Here, it’s important to check the stripes; broader stripes would be advisable for taller gents while thin stripes for big bodied or shorter gents as thin stripes give a taller and slimmer effect while wide stripes gives a built and shorter illusion which affects your overall silhouette. That’s a very critical point to consider when choosing your pinstriped D.B suit. For this suit it’s important to realize the pinstripes already attract attention and now that it is a double-breasted suit all the attention will be on the suit jacket it’s advisable to accessorize in a subtle way to avoid overdoing it. You don’t want to  look like you are trying too hard. Perhaps you’d just use a pocket square to add a little flair and recruit a matching tie. A grey D.B pinstriped suit with a silk pocket square and a red tie would do the trick. It gives a sophisticated and business look.


Somebody would ask where this D.B suit would be suitable to don and the answer would simply be in all situations you would don your single-breasted suit. All that matters is to understand the event and the statement you want to convey, the key is to wear the best fitting suit. At a business meeting you want to be taken seriously and be the best man for the job and that would only happen with a great suit. You’ve got to have the values though but, the suit would boost your credentials in ways you’d not think. Sport a gray pinstriped double-breasted suit with a bright colored tie, say red to your next meeting and thank me later. It’s not advisable to don a double-breasted suit to a work interview rather save it for the days you intend to make a statement or maybe a regular day in office.

                                      “Dressing well is a form of good manners”


A double-breasted suit jacket looks best buttoned and can be buttoned with the middle, and or last button only, or with the top button as well. By buttoning the jacket it forms a slim fitting suit that adds to its overall formal look, in turn making it a great fit for formal occasions. Let your suit jacket make a statement with whichever style and colors you choose to wear.

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